Landscape / TCS Lucerna, Noida

Landscape / TCS Lucerna, Noida

TCS Lucerna


Client:Tata Consultancy Services
Architects and Masterplanner: Edifice
Area: 49 Acres
Status: Phase 01 Concept Design

The central concept was based on ‘THE ECO-NODES’, to intertwine 3 aspects of the landscape – natural ecosystems, access for pedestrians, and elements of public program where activities can take place. Ecologically, the landscape conceived provides necessary habitat for the diverse ecosystem and functions as a Green-Blue Infrastructure to receive and treat stormwater, resulting in a more resilient development approach. The idea is to introduce a green lung within the TCS Campus, inviting employees and visitors to refresh their mind, body and spirit through an active public realm and to explore the symbiotic relationship between oxygen, plants and healthy purified living.