Landscape / Godrej Oasis and Icon, Gurgaon

Landscape / Godrej Oasis and Icon, Gurgaon

Godrej Oasis and Icon


Client: Goderj Properties
Master Planners: DADA Partners
Area: 13.00 Acres
Status: Completed

Godrej Oasis housing is true to its name — an oasis of lush green gardens, beautiful water features, interaction areas and safe playing envi-ronment for kids. Each aspect of responsible de-sign for a housing has been catered for with utmost care and sensibility, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Divided into a premium and a standard zone according to the requirement in the landscape, both these zones are connected through an active pedestrian spine. Both are equipped with shaded gardens with ample trees, dense vegeta-tion, active play zones, and senior citizen’s and chil-dren’s corners. Dedicated fitness areas, swimming pools, and lawns with the commercial zone form a part of the standard parcel.

A jogging track runs parallel to the road, thus encircling the site and providing a range of visual experiences for the us-ers. Another attraction of the project will be a sky garden that provides a complete small circuit of a jogging loop and a variety of experiences and views from a sky deck.