Landscape / Hyatt Place, Rameshwaram

Landscape / Hyatt Place, Rameshwaram

Hyatt Place


Client: JKR Enterprise Ltd.
Architect: CDPL
Concept Landscape Architect: ONE Landscape, Hongkong
Area: 6.00 Acres
Status: Completed

ILocated in the historic Rameswaram island between the Indian mainland and Sri Lanka, the landscape concept for this boutique hotel is derived from the sublime nature of the shoreline with inputs from the local vegetation of the grasses that grow in these harsh saline conditions. The design language is inspired by the muted palette of the sea, the sand and the green with their layering and horizontal arrangement of space. The material palette meddles with spacial interplay of contrast, textures and colors. The design articulation limits itself to the basic interplay of rectangles while the planting palette is restricted to a maximum of seven to eight species that thrive well within the harsh salinity of air and soil.