Landscape / Sunteck Vasind, Mumbai

Landscape / Sunteck Vasind, Mumbai

Sunteck Maxxworld

Naigaon, Mumbai

Client: Sunteck Group
Master Planner and Architect: Sandeep Sikre & Associates
Area: 16.00 Acres
Status: Tender Launched

Abutting Sunteck Naigaon Phase 1 development, This larger parcel of land will provide a Green Oasis experience with two nos of a fairly large central open spaces , one of them as big as to accommodate a mini cricket ground on one side and the other a luxury club complex and densely nested garden & forest settings. This sprawling development will provide ample lifestyle opportunities and amenities at the ground level and designed to provide a an Urban sanctuary to its residents , the two greens are planned to be connected via a raised stilt in the central block . The Housing estate boasts of an active shopping plaza and high street experience on its outer face , where as the inner face of the plot provides naturistic settings and idillic walks next to a water existing water channel